Middle School Virtual/Quarantine Schedule


Your child may find him/herself quarantined, so what does that mean for classes?  

If your child is in middle school, he/she will login to his/her Google Classroom and attend the Meet via the Meet Link at his/her regularly scheduled class time.  His/her teachers will post more directions within the Google Classroom, so make sure your child is logging in and checking for more information and for Meets!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 606-337-5701

First Period 8:10-9:05

Second Period 9:10-10:00

Third Period 10:05-10:55

Fourth Period 11:20-12:15

Fifth Period 12:20-1:10

Sixth Period 1:15-2:05

Seventh Period 2:10-3:00